because I'm a sucker for self-punishment?

Website update...

Amended Sims 2 pages to reflect the fact I have archived all my CC and will no longer be creating for Sims 2! Getting pages ready for Sims 4, my craft work and Uthgard - which is a freeshard Classic DAOC server my all time favourite MMORPG.

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Rejiggy of website...

Cleaner, leaner but basically the same. Needed a clean up, but I just couldn't be bothered re-doing the whole thing. I did look around for new templates but I couldn't find one that I like better than this without me having to spend way too much time teaching myself what I didn't know. And that's a convoluted sentence for ya!

So instead I ditched some old crapola, added some new malarky and fixed some other codswallop - obviously I should now also tell you I have discontinued some of my meds and I tend to get a bit verbose - no joke =)

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6 Years since my last homepage update? Webpage housekeeping like a BOSS!...

Ok 6 years in 6 sentences....

1: My boyfriend from when I was 14-16 tracked me down after 30 years, came over for New Years Eve, stayed a week and we have been together for 4 years this NYE - an insanely romantic story =)

2: Darling doggy Genghis, who detests 99.9% of men absolutely ADORES my man, constantly seeks his approval and I am quite sure is in love with him - typical =P

3: I have moved house five times - that's four times too many.

4: The *change of life* is upon me - I can fry eggs on my nekkid body in the middle of the night in the middle of winter.

5: I finally live in my own (our own) house we had built and can do awesome stuff to it - like bang nails in the walls, paint bits and modify stuff, its pure heaven.

6: After MANY years in the wilderness I am once again painting, woodworking, sewing, cooking, glueing, winding, stapling and just being uber crafty - happy rat!

Awwww! I luv me dad midcentury garden stylor

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Genghis updated & errr *unballed*...

Genghis has turned out to be quite a character and makes me laugh until I am sick sometimes. He brings everything he finds into the house including sticks,rocks,leaves and fallen fruit. Almost fully house-trained, but he seems to forget himself when its raining - lazy I say! He has put on over 2kilos and is getting too big for me to baby. Which reminds me of WHY I never wanted kids - talk about clingy ;) We worked out through photos and his *traits* and researching those *popular* breeds from puppy factories that more than likely he is a Mini-Schnauzer crossed with a Silky Terrier or Australian Terrier. Boris seems positively calm compared to this powerhouse puppy! He is also known as Monstra (when he gets insane) and FrankenPuppy (because he looks like he is made up of different dog parts) and Shoulders Quinn - (he has really wide shoulders further widened by a good long fur bit).

And last Thursday - I had him neutered =/ I felt bad - until I looked at all the wandering escape artist un-neutered dogs in this area =P Genghis was SO excited when we picked him up that he did an excitement pee - I felt loved =) I do NOT dress him up girly - he prefers blacks and neutral colours - but he has to wear a jumper here in the not-summer months, the hoody was a great find.

Rat dog! not impressed

yoface biting is the best fun


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Genghis Scruffulous...

Im so cute I make myself sick



Awwwww! I had been wanting my own dawgy for ages but it had to be a non-fur dropper and it had to be smart.  Mum had taken Boris McFierce to the vet for his yearly check up and this little fella had been dumped and was in quarantine.  He was quite thin and very scared.  WELL!  How things change in two weeks eh!  Now he runs the house, has a fat tummy, is toilet trained (go go positive reinforcement training!) and is just the best thing since sliced bread =)  Him and Boris are in LOVE and play for hours.  The only thing is I am finding it quite hard to do things on the pc as Genghis lurvs to sit on my lap,the desk and especially the keyboard.

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And blah...

do not fark with me


My Sims 2 has certainly been quite prolific (for me that is) with updates about every 3 weeks.  Astounding.  It takes me sooo long to do anything due to my meds and the lack of concentration they lovingly give me.  If I can do something for an hour without stopping its a good day =)  And thanks to DJSims and his amazing Compressorizer I can have even MORE stuff in my downloads folder.

Vanguard - I adore it.  A lot of people jumped ship because they have the attaention spans of garden slugs and fixes weren't happening fast enough.  Well screw them and their "want it now attitudes" who needs 'em.  I have started gathering info for some newbie help pages and mineralogist and hope to get them up soon.  In the next few days though I will be updating my character pages and adding my level 15 Necro.  Big patch tonight wheeee!

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get me off this thing!!



Ugh - some of my Sims 2 download addresses were missing an "s" and were not-findable =| This has now been rectified and I promise NEVER to copy/paste again! Should the rat be on the net? Sometimes I think not =)

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Many updates...


Yes lots! In Sims 2, Vanguard and Prattle. I am here and I am doin' it.

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New Site Uploaded...


Finally finished and hopefully all the links work.  Everything is up to date and running smooooth.

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New Site Design

I wanted a design without a lot of clutter and  with a clean and neat look. I have no training in website design, just self dabbling. After finding OSWD I discovered CSS and more importantly, free CSS/Site templates I could use. This site is based on Close to Attraction a design by andreas viklund. I took his CSS/design and jiggied with it to please myself. So thanks Andreas!

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