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Yolartut & Swetsolawna:Colour Duo...

Meshes Included!!

Getting cold here so I needed a bit of cheeriness.


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Various Artists:Various Meshes~Woof!...

Meshes Included!!

Another Voyage rip off, they just have the lovliest fabrics =)

The meshes are as follows (the read-me in the download includes links where available):

Left curtain-Jasmine, Right curtain-HugeLunatic, Teatray-8-3Studio, Blocks-Allamoda, Fringed cushion-Anna, Eyechart,RoundBoxes,Rocking Chair-AnYe, DecoBox,Letters-Cassandre, Books-CTN-Nutmegger, LoveSeat-Hek, Chair-Jope, FootStools-Habitat43, Flowers-Kativip, EndTable-MTSims, Blinds-Nanu, AnthropologiePillow-Nemestnaya, Dandelions-Raynuss, ConsoleTable/DoublePainting/DoublePillows-Steffor, PhotoFrame-Billyjean


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Various Artists:Various Meshes~SpringLove...

Meshes Included!!

I actually saw this image on the Voyage website and it was so striking I had to recreate it =)

The meshes are as follows (the read-me in the download includes links where available):

SofaBlanket-8-3Studio, AlesioFlowers-11dots, Lanterns-AroundTheSims, Birdhouse-Ohbehave, CoffeeTable-Billyjean, Loveseat-Cassandre, PotPourri-EarthGoddess54, LargeCushion-Jeanie, Chair-Berg, SideTable-SimsinParis, RetroStoolsx2-Tinhouse, Tulips/LongCushion-SimsKitchen, CannedFlowersx2/FloorCushion/Canvas-Nemestnaya


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OhBehave:Crissi's Hideout +extras~OmgPurple!...

Meshes Included!!

From a very young age, the colour purple used to actually make me physically ill when I looked at it - I am now 46 and have almost comes to terms with its inherent ickiness. No doubt in a past life me and purple had issues =)

All OhBehave's awesome work: OhBehave's Junk Trunk!

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Nash@BPS:Little Living Room +extras~Calm...

Meshes Included!!

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Pocci@Tokyo Cafe Laboratory:Shabby Chic Living~Sari...

Meshes Included!!

Peruse Pocci's fab work: Pocci

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Mystic Rain@Black Pearl Sims:Trevira Loveseat~Plush...

Meshes Included!! The footrest takes its texture from the loveseat so you need that mesh for both - you know the drill =)

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Anna@Black Pearl Sims:Shabby Living~KawaiiHeya...

Meshes Included!! (Clicky for screens to show below)

Objects 1   Objects 2    Main

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