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TheNinthWave:HQ Radio x7...

Mesh Included!

Listen in full colour.

shiny and new!

The Ninth Wave's prodigious works: The Ninth Wave Sims

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Kativip & ThatScaryChick:UngrungePt3...

Meshes Included!

Moar shinies from not-so shinies.

shiny and new!

Check out Kativip's awesome work: Kativip@CradleOfDarkness

Check out ThatScaryChicks's awesome work: ThatScaryChick

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Various Artists:Steampunk Study...

Meshes Included!

Thanks to ATS,Betsy,Billyjean,Bluetexasbonnie,Cassandre,Clutteraholic,Delonariel,DrPixel,Ez2ciamaprincess,Fwiffo,Garas,Kleo,Lethe_s,MistyFluff,Pikkon,

SiP,SimsKitchen,Sugizo,Tinkle,VItasims,Yolartut and Zx_Ta for the meshes. Links in read-me file.

Commence pic spam ;)

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Various Artists:Unwind~Naturals & Pastels...

Meshes Included!

Thanks to Anye,Cassandre,Steffor,Nemestnaya,Eva,ExoticElements & OrangeMittens for the meshes.

December 31, 2012 Posted by Loverat | Tags: Flop without your flip flops | December 31, 2012

Various Artists:Teafor~Boho,Mono & Shabby...

Meshes Included!

I LOVE my cups of tea - it is the lifegiving drink of Irish maniacs =)

Thanks to Amovitam,Podchacha,Nemestnaya,Yolaturt,Delonariel & DGandy for the meshes.

December 31, 2012 Posted by Loverat | Tags: Slurpage! | December 31, 2012

Sims in Paris:Living 7 Cabinet~Candyflag...

Meshes Included!

I saw this on a design site somewhere and had to make it happen =)

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Tinkle@BPS:Bed&Breakfast Luggage Set~La-De-Da...

Meshes Included!

January 23, 2012 Posted by Loverat | Tags: Mind you, I'd get them filthy within 5 minutes =P | January 23, 2012

Hannie18@Colour Sims:Elegant Double Desk x3, Rattan Shelf&Towels x4&8...

Meshes Included!

Links to original mesh uploads at Colour Sims: Desk Rattan Shelf

January 23, 2012 Posted by Loverat | Tags: Lurv that desk! | January 23, 2012

Anye@BPS:Shabby Cottage~BrightDyes...

Meshes Included!

Anye's new site: Pinkbox Design

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Aviolina@Garden of Shadows:Various Items~UngrungePt1...

Meshes Included!

I see lots of people taking lovely items and grunging them up - but I liked the idea of taking grungey items from creators who specialise in the theme and making them all nice and shiny! This is Part 1 of a series I will do over time.

shiny and new!

Check out Aviolina's work: Aviolina @ Garden of Shadows

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Various Artists:Office~Avaritia (greed)...

Meshes Included!

Deadly Sin VI : Avaritia : (Greed)

Desk/Work   Bar    Safes    Waiting    Relax    ItemDetails1    ItemDetails2    ItemDetails3   Main

(clicky for screens to show below)


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